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Dịch câu in hệt sang Tiếng Anh

in hệt

♦ [Be] As like as two peas, [be] Cast in the same mould

Hai đứa bé này in hệt nhau

♦ These twins look as like as two peas

In the present day, the Chăm people have adjusted their lives to local conditions. People in Tây Ninh mostly work in agriculture, fishing and

♦ commerce while those who live near Saigon have developed an urban lifestyle. The majority, however, still maintain traditional professions like cultivation, husbandry, weaving and ceramic production. Chăm

cô ta y hệt như bà mẹ

♦ she is her mother all over

sự giống hệt

♦ a close resemblance

giống hệt

♦ As like as two peas


♦ As like as two peas

Hai cái áo như hệt nhau

♦ The two dresses are as like as two peas

như hệt

♦ As like as two peas

cô ta giống hệt như cô chị, nhưng hoạt bát hơn

♦ she is a livelier edition of her sister

sự giống như hệt

♦ an express likeness

đúng như, hệt như

♦ for all the world

họ mua hai chiếc xe đạp giống hệt nhau

♦ they bought two identical bicycles

cái nón của tôi y hệt cái nón anh mượn của bố anh

♦ my hat is identical to the one you borrow from your father

anh ta giống bố như hệt

♦ he is the very image of his father