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Dịch câu ống nhổ sang Tiếng Anh

ống nhổ

♦ cũng nói ống phóng

ống nhổ

♦ cũng nói ống phóng

ống bể, ống thổi

♦ a pair of bellows

Nhổ cỏ dại

♦ To pull up weeds

Cấm khạc nhổ

♦ It is forbidden to hawk and spit,no hawking and spit, no hawking and spitting

khạc nhổ

♦ Hawk and spit

Nhổ nước bọt

♦ To spit [saliva]

Nhổ mạ

♦ To pull up rice seedlings

Nhổ lông

♦ To pull out a hair

Nhổ đinh

♦ To pull out (draw) a nail

Nhổ răng

♦ To pull out (extract) a tooth

Nhổ cỏ cả rễ

♦ To root up, to root out


♦ Spit Pull up, pull out, extract

nhổ cỏ

♦ to pluck up weeds

Tàu nhổ neo ra khơi

♦ The ship weighed anchor and steamed off to the high seas

nhổ neo

♦ Weigh anchor

nhổ răng

♦ to draw a tooth; to take out a tooth

Thuyền nhổ sào

♦ The boat was unmoored

nhổ sào

♦ Unmoor